I would seriously vote for a candidate whose campaign platform went something like this:

“I am not going to Washington just to represent you. I am going there to make tough decisions, and yes, to compromise and reach across the aisle on a regular basis. So much of politics is local, and there is a lot of change that local people can make. I am going to the national level to work for the good of the country. This will almost certainly mean that I make votes and decisions that you will not like. They may even be unpopular in the country as a whole.

“Now, I do have things I believe in. Of course I do – if I didn’t, why would I be running for office? And we probably share most of those beliefs. And I will fight for my principles with every ounce of my energy, on the debating floor, in speeches and in those long committee meetings. But sometimes even my principles will lead me to come to agreements that you will not like. You want to vote for me because I’m an intelligent, reasonable, caring and wise individual, and I’d like to say because you sense I’m called to political leadership – which I believe I am. Now take that trust in me one more step, and let me get on with my work of not just being your representative, but a member of Congress which makes decisions that have a global impact. I am not trying to patronize you – I believe you are a reasonable human being who has thought through the issues. But your vote is ultimately one of trust that I will be making difficult decisions and contributing to the wider debate that goes beyond the campaign trail. I’m going to Washington to govern.”